1. johndockus says:

    What the devil is that, Joe? Your Hep Cats make me yawn; I wish they were alive and not just painted wood or scribbly cartoons. But this is so unusual you finally grabbed back my attention and I started chuckling. It’s like a turd cast in bronze. Or maybe the remnants of a yard gnome, petrified, the features worn off from long exposure to all the elements, tossed out finally from being used as a door-stopper. It could also be an old primitive idol. Are you practicing witchcraft? What the devil is that, Joe?

    Oh, I do so love departures from expectations and norms! There’s something wonderfully unhinged about you posting a photo of this odd little thing. It strikes me as deliciously delirious, a sly deviancy. It does good and proud the Toads that are coming.

    Maybe it’s a primitive and archetypal sculpture of the Toad God!

    1. Joe Linker says:

      Hey, John. I don’t know what it is. I found it in the yard. I don’t know where it came from. I was going to toss it into the rock pile. Then I stood it up, or tried to stand it. It won’t quite stand on its own. It has to lean against something. I don’t know what the substance is. It doesn’t seem quite rock. It feels like it could be something more pure, iron or steel of some sort, or maybe it’s just petrified turd as you suggest. Whatever it is, what makes it sculpture is my standing it up and placing it against the flat square rock and the round one behind it. At least, that’s my critical analysis for what it’s worth. I think I’ll bring it inside and show it to someone who knows rocks. Or sculpture. One of the working titles for my book “Penina’s Letters,” by the way, was “Light and Sculpture from a Surfboard on Santa Monica Bay.” … Notice how I worked the book into this comment on the figure piece? This sculpture is a figure. … The cats bore you? Ha! That’s funny. I like “comics” and the new book length comics, but I’m just a doodler. Had I your drawing talent, I would make a proper comic book with proper cats!

    2. Joe Linker says:

      John: Regular readers of the Toads may enjoy this foray into film: “Figure: The Study of a Piece of Sculpture.

    3. bristlehound says:

      Could be a volcanic “turd” Jd!

      1. Joe Linker says:

        It’s very heavy. “Don’t touch it”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPxiXGr9nFM

      2. johndockus says:

        … Pushed out by a Dragon flying over Joe’s place! Good thing it didn’t hit him. Damn thing could’ve killed him, and then we’d have no more Penina or Hep Cats.

        This odd little thing moved my chakras to tell me also that it might bear some affiliation with the Venus of Willendorf. I had the same thought when I first saw it. What a pleasure it might be to push that out. What a wonderful shape. Makes me wish I was a Dragon. “Look out below.” What turned up in Joe’s yard could be a long lost companion piece, the good Venus’s husband. Hey Joe, you might want to call an archaeologist in there.

        What a gifted Dragon graces the skies, with a stomach like a foundry, an alchemic artist’s studio, and Joe’s yard has become its litter box. Makes the Hep Cats look like amateurs. At their most interesting, I imagine, they leave behind pencil shavings.

        1. Joe Linker says:

          Pencil shavings is what becomes of business plans. Thoreau worked for a time in his family’s pencil making business. I’m going to show this little piece of ? to someone who might be able to identify its substance. I’ll let you know what he says. Meantime, it’s quite heavy, dense, hard. I think it’s metal and not rock. What or whoever dropped it wasn’t on an oatmeal regimen. Is all art garbage? Sewage? Was that Artaud? Duchamp? When does a doodle become a Picasso? And when does the doodle get the flush? Is art a joyride?

  2. Joe Linker says:

    …and this, after a prompt from another reader: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Willendorf

  3. Joe Linker says:

    Follow up…a scientific article identifying the mysterious piece. http://blogs.plos.org/paleo/2014/07/23/pseudo-poo-glitters-isnt-fecal-gold/

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