Elvis and Materfamilias

Grand old Elf Neon
stage tree DRESSED
Magic Emperor Emoticon
lights Mama’s Marquee

your voluptuous folding body
hips popping, elbowed guitar
(blink blunk, blink blonk)
Bassoon to the womb stone kneels

MOTHER wants your cape
for her icebox pinup board
She has sent her leprechauns
to fetch it

Virtual Ennui
quivers vibrating
in toe whisked
spiraling vortex

What strained violin
caused Mom’s mutiny?
the viscous quality of your:

That’s alright, Momma!
that’s alright for you.
This blue moon of Shively
falls your early dew.

Vi Veri Universum Vivus Vici
the five wheeled wheelbarrow
Pop pushed out West
across the Mississippi
slid down the Panhandle
purple sage sky desert
the second see saw
Pa our Pacific mystery

Virago drinks a glass
of vinegar vitamins
we all go
energy enfeebled
a family vigilante
to get you
Extremely low frequency
villainous vocal vital
static energy Vulcan
fire in
a       void.

Fire in the void!
Fire in the void!
Fire in the void!


Elvis has left
the Building.
On the way home
Momma sings:

That’s alright, Elvis
That’s alright for you.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      is the real Elvis.

      Liked by 1 person

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