Illuminated Manuscript Watercolor

String Theory



  1. Joe, I was once commissioned to create a painting for a local charity and bereft of ideas, I turned to my then 4 year old son for inspiration.
    Asked him ‘What should Daddy paint on this big canvas’. His reply : “Children with flowers and a big,big sun”
    His quote now adorns a plaque next to the 3mt. painting located in a hospital here.
    How inspirational children are. They keep it simple and they draw what they see. Our reverse pyramid of life’s learnings, takes us from knowing everything as a child to knowing very little as adults.
    Your interpretation of your child’s drawing is inspiration. Beautifully comprehended.B


    1. Thx, B. I remember reading a post of yours I think about that painting you mention. There’s nothing more meaningful than that collaboration with a child on an art project. I once made with my daughter, when she was around 5, a melted crayon on wood piece, with acrylic and some magazine cutouts, and such. I titled it “Santa Monica Bay.” It’s one of the headers that rotate on the blog here. Anyway, and now I’m working here with her daughter, my granddaughter. She loves to watercolor, and eat ice cream!


        1. Yes! “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” said Thoreau. I can just picture him with an ice cream cone over on Hawthorne (104 degrees here today! Remember, we are upside-down from you!).


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