Two Hep Cats and the UFO

Two Hep Cats and the UFO
Two Hep Cats and the UFO
2 Hep Cats and UFOs 2
Did you happen to see a UFO in the backyard last night? No. No UFO’s on my watch. You see some strange things in Joe’s backyard some nights. You were probably just imagining things. What was it like? It looked like it was trying to suck the litter out of my litter box. Dreadful. Yeah. Scary stuff. Be wary. Ever vigilant!
2 Hep Cats and UFOs 3
Odd, though. I thought I saw a UFO hovering over my kitty litter box. What did you do? I hissed. And the UFO? It flew off, as quiet as a bird, and a fog descended. I think you’ve been reading too much poetry. Possibly.
UFOs 1
You thought I was just joking around?


  1. bieniblog says:

    lol i guess the left one is the moon.. so only the right ones are ufos .. so please dont joke with us and claim that you have seen three ufos…. :P


  2. Dan Hennessy says:

    Contact cat Mufon.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      I should. One has gone missing over night.


  3. bristlehound says:

    Its a well understood fact of UFO pattern, that the abduction of kitty litter,can get out of control at times.
    As I watch the tennis and Andy Murray returns defective balls to the umpire, I wonder about the UFO interference in that deed.
    UFOs are strange cats indeed. They come when they like, stay for a while and after they are pleased, remove themselves to greener pastures.
    I wonder if the UFOs removed the kitty litter from the rightful reseptacle then dropped some of the litter while leaving, would they then be litterers of actual litter or just lighter?B


    1. Joe Linker says:

      These UFOs are apparently using the kitty litter as fuel. We suspect they are cats from outer space! More on that in a later post. But it’s interesting what you said about the “defective [tennis] balls.” Here, there’s a story in the sport news about the Patriots football team using balls slightly deflated (under regulation pressure). VBD to US football fans. I had not previously linked UFO activity to sports, but now that you mention it, I note UFO activity has picked up as the Super Bowl nears.


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