Surf Surge


  1. Ashen says:

    I hear the surf surge, especially in conjunction with the image. The sound is convincing and would be very effective in a film sequence that aims to evoke this kind of wooshing energy. I can hear the echo of the ocean too.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Thx, Ashen. That echo, like holding a shell to your ear and hearing the ocean’s surging sound. The photo is from an old slide of the Oil Pipe Piers between El Porto and El Segundo. The piers have since been removed. The guitar in the audio is a Telecaster via Roland Jazz Chorus 50 amp. There are 4 tracks, a guitar, a bass, and two percussion. Was aiming for a bit of surf guitar sound drowned out by the ocean. But you can drown out too much, as in poetry.


  2. bristlehound says:

    Experimental Music (as I think it is known) is definitely seen as an acquired taste, but it really requires a little more thought and understanding.
    Events such as a surf surge, could be devastating and are probably extremely noisy, not pretty being involved.
    Like most unpalatable things, one needs to look hard to find the beauty.
    I am currently in possession of a flowering ‘Stinking’ plant. It looks gross at first glance and smells like rotting meat – it’s pretty disgusting. But I really like it and can’t wait to show it off in November each year. Beauty in the eyes of the beholder I guess.
    Listening to this ‘Screeching’ ‘Grinding’ music reminds me how important it is to keep one’s mind open and willing. After all, ‘The Beatles’ and many other Hall of Famer’s were regarded as noisy and incoherent in the early years and how wrong that was.
    Joe, it would appear you are enjoying a phase of experimentation with your music. It must be good on that rocket to outer space?B


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Hey, B. Thx for listening and comment. Yeah, I’m reminded of the joke, something like, “The food at this restaurant is terrible; and they give you such small portions!” But at just 1 minute 11 seconds “Surf Surge” at least spares the listener a larger portion. The experimenting is mostly with the recording apparatus and such, though I am always thinking of John Cage. I tried to tone down the screeching here, which was really terrible on the recent “Hoot and Nani” piece, but more suitable. The sound audio interlude between word (text) posts is refreshing, though, and it’s usually interesting what people have to say about sound experience. Will work on something more mellow, w/out the screech & grind. Stay tuned.

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