Flarf Factorial; or, Epiphany Needed

Flarf La La Laufen hahahaha Fralf
LaLaLaLa 1 Larf 2 Larff 3 Larfff 4 Larph
  BEGIN HERE to liss in n!
Once Onup a Clock Tick
Twice Up Ounce Town Down
Thrice Upoff a When Time
Always alotalotalot Tons Too Much
She Wore a RED Flarf Scarf
Reason rain falls in drops
please prod pre tense BeCase
We called the Epiphany Company
to order a new RING! TONE!
they wanted a they wanted a surcharge they wanted a surcharge for first time push button user for first time push button user surcharge for first time push button user
And No Flarf!
And No Flarf!
The hour of our notthefirst flarf ing
This space deliberately empty: PLEASE DO NOT FILL or loiter here        
Trust YouR Expectations R2 FLARFLY     FAR FLY
Hour glass is miss ing
Enter nananame & posswrd over twhere     Larlff Larflf
F L a R F all
L a a R F  l ing
THIS HAS BEEN A TEST OF THE FLARF SYSTEM HAD THIS BEEN A FALSE flarf, Well! You are advised to get an EPIPHANY. Get a haircute and a shive and empty the moot.        so-me(w)hat!


  1. Ashen says:

    Impressive and funny, a breaking out of one form into ? scrambling the bars, facets re-tuned and re-framed into other bars, a playful Orff Schulwerk approach, a kind of zigzag roaming.
    Do you wake up with images of text in bars? I do sometimes, and ponder about the scape scope, the influence on my writing while surfing the internet waves through google loops from screen to screen.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      That’s a great reading, Ashen. Had to look Orff Schulwerk up, but I’m familiar with the Suzuki Method. And what else do I “wake up” to? The pun, John Cage (music, humor, zen (sort of)), layout and design of voice on page (there’s yr bar, boundaries the voice doesn’t recognize, the voice as seen, why reading aloud so important), how children think and act and play, the musical bar, or measure, texting, e. e. cummings, concrete poetry (design onomatopoeia). And the limitations of the WordPress post design, or my own limitations in CSL or whatever the computer lingo is called (Children Sing and Laugh), and Excel (the spreadsheet), which is where I try to build these things (and then paste into post using the pre formatted Word feature button), and the limitations there (in Excel), but also creating from those limitations, workarounds, but usually I just wake up to fog and follow the sounds down to the waves (today that would be in the basement). The effects of media on all this too, as you point out, screen to screen. And thinking, or trying to think, of audience, and purpose, and all that, which is important, after all, views and hits and all that, this and that. Anyway, up at does (the cat), must go let her back in. Later! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. bristlehound says:

    Ah! Dylan my doppelganger. Master of the antitrades a giant of the epiglotti. B


  3. Dan Hennessy says:

    Eye the Flarf system epiphanized . Thanks for the varn .


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Aye, yeah, and the storm surge? Stay off the jetty…Nice pics of yr canyon place.


  4. bristlehound says:

    Sir Lance and Phil Arful have had a big night out together. I couldn’t read a word- what does No Skateboarding actually mean? Thanks for your enlightening text, pity the sign writers can’t be that simple. Have half a flarf on me and not a lot more. I have just hadad an e-pip honey.B


    1. Joe Linker says:

      I’ve had an epiphany or two skateboarding. Talk about one here. On the other hand, too much epiphany can turn a man into a monk. But why is epiphany so valuable? Because of its doppelgänger. They can ban us from ball playing. They can shoo us from skateboarding. But they can’t erase an epiphany. Everybody must get epiphanied!


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