Your Poem Will Start in 21 Seconds

Green and pink building with red lamp post.Your poem will start in 21 seconds.
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A two-tone building, seen from the street, light lime green with aqua-mint green trim over sunned-pink, with red double lamppost, a scotch of blue sky, a wedge of blue, a swizzle of blue. Just past noon shadows. Jet black ladder.
Your poem will start in 21, 21 videos Your poem will start in 21 days Your poem will start in 21 years Your poem will start in 21 centuries Your poem will start, but it will not end: The rest of the poem is below the paywall, mercifully.


  1. Dan Hennessy says:

    I couldn’t pay the bill so they cut off the poem . We now must live on prose and promises .


    1. Joe Linker says:

      And what have we been living on? Wishes, lies, and dreams? Hey, thanks for reading and the comment. Have enjoyed yr last few posts, the fence and the lock-out. You haven’t published my comment though? That’s ok – I’ll add it to my rejection slip pile. I suppose Ada would not have gotten any rest in my folks’ house – never locked anything; I never even had a key to the place. I’m not sure my Dad had a key to the place. Anyway, a plate of pristine prose and prim promises is preferred to paltry poetry. How’s that for a garnish of peas?


      1. Dan Hennessy says:

        In the old days we never locked up the house , either , unless we were going away for a month . My mother used to say the house would look to a crook like it had already been ransacked , anyway , so we shouldn’t worry about burglary . I’ll re-check our your comment —see if it’s worthy ( worth y ) .


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