Home Run for John’s Birthday

I pitch my brother a tricky slow
curve that floats warbling past the pink
hibiscus and slides away under
the Chinese elm, but he goes with the pitch.

The yellow plastic bat darts
like a startled fish, and he sends
me back, back, to the wall –
and the white, holey ball
whiffles over the roof,
landing in the olive tree.

Happy Birthday, John!


  1. Joe Linker says:

    Thanks, Dan (a teacher gone baker, and another guy to admire!).
    Meantime, today, Happy Birthday, John!


  2. Dan Hennessy says:

    Happy Birthday to John ! A baker gone teacher —— a guy to admire .


  3. This is such a beautiful poem. John will have a very Happy Birthday… thanks to you. Peace and blessings. Michele


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Thanks for reading and comment, Michele!


      1. It’s my pleasure.


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