New Excerpt from “Penina’s Letters” at the Boulevard

An excerpt from Chapter Six, “Light and Sculpture from a Surfboard on Santa Monica Bay,” from the novel Penina’s Letters, is now up in Issue # 5: Special Issue: Liberation, of The Boulevard, a publication of the Attic Institute.

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  1. What a passion, surfing, it so shines through … love this and what follows …

    The waves emitted deep creaking tones, sea toads belching love calls. The waves were cylindrical and rolling hollow. I heard deep bass notes and kick bass drums as I paddled out and revolved my surfboard under a few breaking tubes, pipes like rough, green bubbled glass.

    And this makes it quite clear. Maybe at heart you are a sea creature :)

    I floated about on the water, wordless as a fish. I didn’t have to talk to anyone. I was free of words, liberated from language. Waves like empty pages blew toward the beaches.

      1. I need and love water in my life, having much fire and air energy – astrologically :) I enjoyed the swimming around my home village in Bavaria during my recent visit. 30 degrees heat and sunshine every day of my stay. I love the sea, too, and all its moods.

        1. Yes, I saw that post about your father and viewed the pictures of the lake and the village. And the wonderful poem. And when the weather is warm there’s nothing better than being near or on the water or in the water. That seems to me an ideal post, by the way, linking the local to the universal, the empirical to the general. Something like that.

  2. Joe: I finally have an opportunity to catch up on some of my just for fun reading. This excerpt was much too short. You leave me wanting more. Your word choices paint such a vivid picture and I don’t want them to end. As always I’ll be waiting for the next excerpt you make available.

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