On the Doodle

Is doodling an art form? The true doodle only appears when the doodler is preoccupied, listening to a lecture, sitting in a staff meeting, caged, drawing absent-mindedly. While the doodler is distracted, the doodles escape. But, as John Cage said, music occurs whether we intend it or not, and when we turn our attention to that music we do not intend, it is a pleasure. And Basho said, whatever we may be doing at any given moment, it has a bearing on our everlasting life (physicists are in the process of proving this as we doodle on, on the doodle). Here are some doodles for your mid-week doodle viewing pleasure:

Some might argue this last piece may not qualify as a doodle. “This guy’s trying to do art, and failing.” But yeah, it’s a doodle. The critics said to Picasso, of his painting titled “Woman Sitting in a Chair”: “We don’t get it: no woman, no chair.” Picasso replied that it is a painting of what it feels like to be a woman sitting in a chair. That last doodle appears to be a drawing of what it feels like to doodle, to watch the doodles escaping.

John Cage, Basho, Picasso, Delmore Schwartz…now here’s some doodling post. Some might argue that blogging is like doodling. In doodles begin responsibilities.


  1. Geannie Newell says:

    I love the bacon maple bar. Just what the doctor didn’t order for breakfast but a fine choice.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      …with raspberry filling.


  2. Geannie Newell says:

    Emily knocked it out of the ballpark with her Joe Linker pizza face. Thanks for sharing your doodles. By the way have you visited the Grilled Chesse Grille yet?


    1. Joe Linker says:

      No, but with out of town visitors in next week, it’s on our to do list. Will let you know! Will probably hit there and Voodoo doughnuts, back to back!


  3. dan hennessy says:

    Maybe we need a real good psychologist to tell us what doodles mean . Would we really want to know ? No ? Then , let’s just call it art .


    1. Joe Linker says:

      I think Freud touches on the doodle in his “Civilization and Its Discontents,” and Jung analyzed the doodle as archetype in “Modern Man in Search of a Soul.” I don’t know about all that, but I get anxiety attacks when there’s not a napkin within close reach.


  4. dan hennessy says:

    I enjoyed the doodles . I never was a doodler , though .


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