Sestina’s Angel

Sestina falls prey to the sound silence of the Angel
sitting in her lap playing with a ball of wireless
a wireless webbed feline bureaucracy
where pleas receive no reply
and the sole sound is a silent catty wind
and long days pass with nothing said of the terrible

Rilke ranted something about beauty being terrible
while in Sestina’s lap sat the lapping catting Angel
who cannot hear in the stringless whine
no place for the bird to come to rest on any wire
wireless carriages of desire race to a place where all replies
are lost in the terrible beauty of the host’s hidden bureaucracy

At Sestina’s night bureau sits a bird clicking crazily
a loon poet on the bum singing terribly
rolling out with rigor a robust reply
to the Angel
who threatens to wire
up the wireless wind

To tone down this tuneless wordwind
while sleeps the will-less bureaucracy
and terrible
but for now the Angel
sends no reply

Any ranting request certainly receives no reply
as Rilke races the ramparts terribly winded
and shaking her head the windless wireless Angel
disappears into the flow chart of blissful bureaucracy
to that place so terrible
wireworms crawl the tripwires of the hardwired

Waving to the boldest bidder of weird wire
waiting for the beauty of the instantaneous reply
that memo from the waiting Angel so terrible
dark wings unfold and the winds unwind
the galaxies of celestial bureaucracy
bang and bend in time to the tune of the supreme Angel

The terrible embrace of the wireless
Angel orders no reply
For wellness dwindles so deep in such a bureaucracy


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  1. Stunning. I read it out loud
    … wireworms crawl the tripwires of the hardwired … put me into a weird wired trance.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      You picked out my favorite line! I love the sestina form. It’s just long enough to get into trouble, but there’s the form of the six words that keeps you, well, wired in. Having not heard from you, I feared I might have run the angel topic into the ground, so thanks for reading and comment. I saw your piece on Red Room. That’s an interesting site. And what’s yr experience with Authonomy been? Do you have an agent?


  2. yeltnuh says:

    Wonderful content and technically awesome.


    1. Joe Linker says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It seemed about time for another sestina!


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