“A Grammar of Love”

My poem “A Grammar of Love,” which appeared in the May 24, 2009 print edition of The Christian Science Monitor, and which you might enjoy, is now posted on the CSM website.


  1. Joe, I really enjoyed the lovely simplicity and tone of the poem. Cheers, too, for your intelligence and eloquence re the blog. Haven’t commented in a while, so I thought your poem would be a fine occasion to do so…

    “The Englishman”


    1. Thanks, Ryan. It seems the poem has brought people a smile. The blog, as I’m sure you know (I still check in to the Englishman) – well, I don’t know how the “dailies” keep it up (I like yr new format, by the way). I’ve been trying for a “weekly” lately, but am not quite there. Like poetry – you never know when you’re going to bump your head on an idea. How’s the teaching going? You should about be ready for a summer vacation?


  2. I hear you re the dailies, but once a week is a good target to shoot for, I think. That’s going to be my goal this summer. Speaking of which, yes, that summer vacation is here! The teaching is going very well; the wrestling with colleagues and the administration not so well. Luckily, I have this time to recharge and, of all things, get married: on the 28th, my fiancee and I are getting hitched! So, there’s that wonderful event (honeymoon in December) and much reading and writing to look forward to, as well.

    Enjoy your Oregon summer. I have an uncle who lives in Ashland, and I have to say that is some beautiful country. I was hugely impressed with Mt. Shasta, and just that comforting feel of the surrounding mountains.



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